"CityGem is more than a team. We work together every day to give you the best experience on our application" 


Grégoire le Masne de Chermont

Co-founder & CEO

Passionate about architecture and a true contemplative, Gregoire is at the initiative of CityGem. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur with no less than 5 different structures to his credit in various fields such as distribution (ETNIDIS), communication (ETNIVISION), events (ETNITRADE), consulting (ETNIFACT) and recently digital recruitment (GO-SEARCH). 
Business and customer management is him ! 

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Margot de Manheulle

Co-founder & CMO

Creative and resourceful, Margot also likes to wander through the streets of Paris. Specialized in operational marketing in the world of mass consumption, she has notably made her mark with Danone & Pepsico. Concerned about the impact of business on new social issues, it is quite natural that she became 200% involved in the CityGem adventure. It is she who manages the tip of the iceberg 

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Olivier Lebleu

Partner & Associate

Sporty and expert in running. 

Olivier is also the co-founder of Runnin'City, the CityGem's sister application. 

No time to wander for them, we discover while running.

Expert in development and marketing, Olivier handles technical questions and the promotion of app. 


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Christophe minodier

Partner and Associate

Lover of Bouchons Lyonnais and sports, Christophe is also the co-founder of Runnin'City, the CityGem's sister application. 

No time to wander for them, we discover while running. 

Christophe picks up the phone faster than his shadow. At Runnin'City he takes care of the commercial part and figures on excel, in other words finance. 

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Manon Preterre

CityGem voice, Les Ecriés company

The theater in the skin, Manon loves to play Flaubert. It is at nine years old, that Manon discovers the theater. She opens at random Molière's Avare. The famous replicas of Arpagon will have been the first of a long line. 

After literary khâgne she enters the Ecole du Studio d'Asnières where she meets those with whom she will found the company Les Ecriés, Eléonore and David. For Manon who works on voice and the relationship to narration with the Scène Nationale de Malakoff, telling stories and anecdotes, the funnies and mysteries of cities in the hollow of the ear with CityGem is a "pur kiff"  


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Eleonore Alpi

CityGem voice, Les Ecriés Company

With her soft voice, Eleonore transport us. 

Little Eleonore wanted to be Jean-Jacques Goldman. At the age of 10 she gave up her dreams of being a singer. And an improvisation around a stick later, the love of the theater was born. After Sciences Po and the Sorbone, she entered the Ecole du Studio d'Asnières and met Manon and David and founded with them the company Les Ecriés.

She then joined the Promo 79 "Phia Menard" of ENSATT.

Eleonore is animated by great texts, and defends a political theater through poetry and stories of everyday life. 
It is among other things her voice that tells you what you see on CityGem, not bad, right ?  


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David Bremaud

CityGem voice, Les Ecriés company

David is the one who hums marvelously from Edith Piaf. 

No story of a little boy around the theater, before entering L'Ecole du Studio d'Asnières, David had never set foot on the stage ! 

Yes, David is a former editor, and by a happy coincidence he landed on film sets and started as an assistant director. From time he was asked to appear here and there, but David has gone from the shadows to the light, to him the spotlight and the glory. He started out in the theater, traveling all over France, but he hasn't forgotten his first love, cinema. 

David is our adventurer, he travels all over France, sometimes on the stage, sometimes on the set.  


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Loïc Navarro-Lacroix

CityGem Photographer

The sun of the team, Loïc is the south in a camera. 
Loïc has always practiced photography as a self-taught since his teenage years and the purchase of his first camera. For three years now, he has decided to make it his profession. Leaving his native south behind him, he arrived in Paris. 

His work follows in the footsteps of artists such as Michael Wolf, Stéphane Couturier or Matthieu Venot. He developed an obsession for architecture, a form that can be modulated infinitely. Wandering through the urban landscape, eyes always in the air, Loïc photographs concrete as a living sculpture and we like it ! 



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Anaïs Rayssac

 CityGem Photographer

Fascinated by the scenes of daily life, Anaïs does not lose a crumb of it. 

Anaïs hasn't left the cameras since her early childhood. She places the human being at the center of her creation. 

Influenced by the work of Nadav Kander and Joel Meyerowitz, she captures the individual from every angle. 

But with CityGem she rediscovered urban architecture, a real challenge for her but she loves the challenge. Without having had time to say "ouf" Anaïs is already on the ground, ready to raft. 


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Maud Romain

CityGem Photographer

What she likes is the light, Maud is unhappy when it comes to photographing without sun, and so much the better because at CityGem we privilege the beautiful days to shoot wonders. 

Maud is inspired by the work of Lucien Hervé, Yann Hedel and Matthieu Venot. 
Graduated with a Master in Practices, Stories and Theories of Photography, Maud does not hesitate to share her knowledge with the team, so sometimes we have the right to a lecture on ISO. 



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