Frequently Asked Questions

Foire aux questions

How to rate the app on the App Store?

In order to rate the app, just go to the App Store, and search for CityGem in the search bar.
Once you're on the app's page, scroll down to see the "rating and reviews" section. There you will find "touch to rate" followed by 5 stars: click on the number of stars you want to give to CityGem. You will also see the "write a review" button that allows you to write a review that can be seen by all the users of the App Store.

How to find the filters on the app ?

In order to find the filter screen, you must open the CityGem application. Once you are on the home page, click on the C at the bottom of the screen.
Then click on the two lines above the route image, the first ones from the left.
For the themes and modes of transport, you just have to uncheck the elements that don't match your preferences, they will become grey. For the number of kilometers and the length of the route, draw the dots to define your preferences. Then click on "apply filters".

How to share a course ?

Open the CityGem application and select the route you want to share. Then click on the symbol on the right of the screen, next to the heart. You can then share the route with your friends by message, email, whatsapp and many others.

How to tip the guide on the app?

When you open the application, simply scroll down to see "tip the guide" which is in the "events" category. Once you click on it, you will see a brief description explaining the purpose of your tip.
Then click on "go to website", you will be directly redirected to the tip page of our website. If you scroll down, you will find the "tipping the guide" button. The site will open a secure page where you can choose your tip amount and fill in your credit card or PayPal account information.

How do I disable GPS sound?

To deactivate the GPS voice during your ride, simply press the "+" button on the right of the screen. Then click on " Audio guidance: active ". This button allows you to deactivate the GPS voice but also to reactivate it.

How to suggest a POI ?

To suggest a point of interest (POI) while on a route, click on the "+" on the right side of the screen. Then click on "report" and "point of interest". Simply fill in the form on the screen. You can add a photo, a title and a description.

How to pause the course ?

To pause the course, simply drag the "drag to pause" button at the bottom of your screen.

How to discover the course before leaving ?

Once you have found a route that seems to interest you, click on it. You will be able to scroll down to see a brief description of the route as well as the points you will encounter on your walk. Feel free to click on the points and scroll from left to right, to learn more about each one of them.